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Choose a Seasoned Veteran – Reasonable Rates

Over 30 years of skateboard lesson instruction all over the U.S. and parts of Europe. 40 plus years of riding downhill, parks and flatland freestyle. At the age of 53, and still aggressively skating 5-7 times a week, his goal is to provide a fundamental understanding of the Basics of Riding. Chris is not your average instructor. He’s a coach that inspires and is quick to point out basic balance techniques required for simply riding your board. Save the tricks until later. Get familiar with your board so that it is a second thought to cruise. Once you have your balance, skateboard parks nd downhill speed runs may be your next adventure!

If you’ve never ridden a board, Chris can lead the way. For him, the less you know, the better you may advance as long as one is in good shape, good spirit and ready to go for it!

For the more advanced needing that little kick in the seat to drop into bowls and get 50-50’s down, Chris will be right there with you dropping/rolling in, catching air and grinding. Base rate is 45.00 for one person(first 30 minutes) 15.00 more for full hour and 5.00 extra per person up to 4.

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Any ability can benefit from his instruction.
  1. Safety Equipment Recommended
  2. These lessons are geared for beginning skateboarders with these main areas of focus.
  3. 1st Session Basics – 45.00 per hour
  4. Foot positioning
  5. Proper Pushing
  6. Nose and Tail Manuals
  7. 180 turn frontside
  8. 180 turn backside
  9. Proper turning left
  10. Proper turning right
  11. Curb Hopping/Jumping
  12. Click Clacking
  13. Board Walking
  14. Intro to skogging
  15. Know your skateboard
  16. Skateboarding Disciplines
  17. Follow-up Basic Sessions – 45.00 per hour
  18. Review First
  19. Begin advance techniques.
  20. Beginning Ollie
  21. 360 turn
  22. Board Walking
  23. Skateboard Park Lessons – 55.00 per hour
  24. Kick Turns
  25. Drop Ins
  26. Carving
  27. Downhill Racing Lessons – 75.00 per hour
  28. GS
  29. Tight Slalom
  30. Downhill Speed
  31. Extreme Skogging Lessons – 125.00 per hour
  32. One Foot Skating
  33. Dance Steps
  34. Walking on and off board